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Solr Hosting

Solr Hosting provides a dedicated hosted instance of the Apache Solr search server. Solr is a popular, powerful and fast open-source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project.

Our hosted Solr servers are up and running in minutes and remove the need to provision, maintain, and support your own Java hosting solution. Our administration panel provides a set of tools to help you start searching using Solr quickly and effectively.

Once you have signed up you can communicate with your server using simple and secure RESTful api. All the standard parameters used by Solr are supported. Alternatively use one of our search connectors which allow you to communicate with your search server with just a few lines of code.

Overview of features

  • Your own Solr search server hosted on one of our high-performance servers
  • Up to 2GB of reserved memory
  • Dedicated Jetty Servlet container
  • Administration interface: Server control and development tools
  • Secure RESTful API
  • PHP search connector: Easily connect to your Solr server in a few lines of code
  • View and download your Solr request logs
  • Edit Solr Schema and Config XML files
  • Upload test data and POST to your server for rapid development
  • Flexible pricing based on index size and usage